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ATTENTION! ATTENTION! VIP Dinner with legendary rockers Foghat and Scott Holt!

You'll never forgive yourself if you miss the opportunity to dine with legendary guitarist Scott Holt and Foghat members Roger Earl, Bryan Bassett and Rodney O'Quinn. These legendary rockers will sit and break bread with their friends and fans on September 13th at the Main Cellar City Club. This is no thirty-second walk-through meet & greet, friends. This is a delicious four-course meal paired with unforgettable wines sure to rock your taste buds, as well as your heart and soul. And as a special treat, Chef Roger Earl will don an apron and join in the preparing of your meal for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So come wine and dine with rock and roll royalty at Market On Main. Stick around, because on Thursday they'll return as Earl & The Agitators and rock Hickory to its foundation. Attendees also purchasing a ticket for Thursday night's concert will receive a food voucher for that evening as well as VIP reserved seating at the concert. All ages are welcome, so bring the whole family.